“[The Globe and Mail’s] ‘Report on Small Business’ hosted a Young Entrepreneurs Night on in July at RPM Startup Centre in Montreal, along with partners International Startup Festival and BDO Canada. The networking event, held in various cities across Canada, featured a group of early stage small-business owners, and students who aspire to be entrepreneurs. Photos by Katherine Scarrow.”

1. What do you sell? I offer a range of services including educational consulting, program design, and evaluations; child and youth programs (focused on rights, empowerment, leadership, life skills, and etiquette); nursery professional development training; private parenting consults (in-person and online); parenting seminars and blog; and a few products (coming soon)
2. Where are you based? Canada and online; Originally initiated some projects in Lebanon (2012)
3. Years in business: Currently in my second year
4. Best advice: Social entrepreneurship doesn’t mean making deals that will hurt the business or let it suffer – it’s okay to also be profitable
5. Describe a time when you wanted to quit: During periods when I’d have exceptionally tough days and forget why I originally started along this path.
6. How did you come up with your company’s name?
Building a company with my expertise at the forefront of the services and products offered meant creating a brand around my name.
7. Where will you be in 5 years: I plan on doing more international development work and consulting; child and youth advocate and motivational speaker; represent organizations and products I believe in as a spokesperson; author parenting and children’s books; and develop a range of products that are in line with my goals and mission.

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