Fundraising Update: Thanks to some very generous donors from Norway, India, Canada, the U.S.A., and the U.A.E., we were able to more than double my fundraising goal and raised $660 for Leucan

For my 30th birthday this year, in honour of a young boy named Reuben who fought and won his battle against cancer, I’m donating my hair to the CanDonate Hair Program, which provides free wigs to children experiencing hair loss because of chemotherapy.

I’m very excited about surprising Reuben with his own tinysuperheroes cape and thank my awesome hairstylist, Marie-France Lessard, for offering me a free haircut after we make THE cut!

I’m also fundraising for Leucan, a great organization that supported Reuben’s family and does so for many others whose children are undergoing cancer treatment.

To donate, please visit my fundraising page :)

Thank you for supporting me and making a difference for them too!

*Photo credit: boki photography