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What started out as an undergraduate course project, turned into a TEDx talk, which turned into a passion and mission. Through Outside the Box, I aim to empower young people with tools to navigate the countless messages they receive about gender from society and mainstream and social media.

Outside the Box  

Outside the Box delves into understanding and critically thinking about gender roles, stereotypes, and equality in society and the media, and their economic, environmental, social, and personal impact. Workshops aim to empower students in their roles as change agents with tools to grow up in today’s society as strong, confident people.

Messages Addressed

All Grades

  • Boxed genders à Social stereotypes and representation in the media
  • What does being a boy/girl mean to you?
  • Critically thinking about marketing messages
  • Impact → Economic, environmental, social, and personal
  • Power → Voting with allowances
  • 21st Century citizenship → online and offline change agents
  • Maya’s story → Overcoming eating disorders and depression as a teen
  • MISELPH → Self-esteem starts within

Grades 3 – 5 (1.5 hours)

  • How do toys get sold to kids?

 Grades 6 – 12 (2 hours)

  • Understanding social media influencers and celebrities
  • Self-esteem as a sellable commodity


Workshops are available during school hours, on PD days, and after school (evenings upon request, subject to availability).

What We Need

Multipurpose Room, library room, or classroom and chairs for participants;

Power point projector and sound system.


Rates are based on location and your school’s needs. Please contact Maya at maya@mayachivi.com, at (647) 892-6292, or complete the booking form. 

Photo: TEDXMontrealWomen