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Posted by Maya Chivi
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Two minutes to wash those little hands: A little weekend tip!

It’s no secret that children love to play with water! Leave them in the bathroom for a little too long and they’ve managed to get themselves, the mirror, and the floor all wet! While washing their hands after playing with dirt or before a meal is important to eliminate germs, children are getting less of a chance to actually wash their hands. Instead, they tend to get their hands cleaned for them by an adult with wet wipes or an anti-bacterial gel.

While time may be tight, it’s important to take time to allow children to wash their hands on their own. Wet wipes won’t teach kids about the sensation of water on their hands or how funny it is when a slippery soap bar escapes their hands. They won’t teach them how to rub their hands together to allow the soap to lather, to make sure it covers the whole surface, and then watch the bubbles swim away down the sink. When using wet wipes instead, children are more like voyeurs instead of participants in a simple action–getting their hands clean.

Moreover, health professionals and researchers discourage the use of wet wipes and anti-bacterial gels. These products not only eliminate both good and bad bacteria, but the preservatives used in them are increasingly shown to cause allergies and rashes.

So if not for the health benefits, then at least for the giggles you’ll hear as they chase after the soap bar, take an extra two minutes and let your children wash their little hands!

Have a great weekend,