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Posted by Maya Chivi
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Turn on some music: A little weekend tip!

To celebrate the release of The Sound of Music on March 2nd, 1965, we’re talking about the benefits of music for your kids! Did you have a favourite song when you were a child? Did it calm you down when you were energetic? Make you smile when you were sad? Did it make you jump up and dance? Thinking about that song now, it’s interesting how a piece of music can bring back so many childhood memories and emotions.

Music has many benefits for children, including motor, academic, social, and emotional. Infants and young children experience what is called a “rich sensory environment”, one that is full of various sounds, smells, tastes, and colours. Listening to music plays a crucial role in “wiring” their brain, as it forms more pathways between cells and the mind.

With older children, music helps them do better in reading and math, teaches them discipline and the feeling of achievement after hard work and practice, improves their motor development and coordination, and helps them relieve their stress. Music also helps children socially. As they learn to differentiate between the notes and emotions of a song, they can also distinguish between what another person is saying compared to how they are feeling.

There are many more advantages to having music as part of your children’s daily lives. So turn up that song or take out your instruments and have fun dancing!

Have a great weekend,