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Posted by Maya Chivi
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Share stories about your childhood: A little weekend tip!

Did you know that Sunday is Tell a Fairy Tale Day? Why not take the opportunity to share some tales of your own childhood with your children?

You can share stories about the first time you read your favorite fairy tale, things you saw or experienced as a child, what your favorite toys or games were, what your school and teachers were like, who were your favorite friends, and so on.

Compared to reading stories, telling your kids a little bit about your childhood is a different way to spend story time together and connect. It tends to be difficult for children to realize that their parents were once young too. So this is a nice way to convey the message, “I know what it’s like being a child”.

Sharing stories with your children also helps them open up in a non-threatening way. They may use this opportunity to ask you questions about what you did to resolve or deal with a difficult situation; inadvertently learning about new ways they can confront their own problems.

Another positive side to sharing stories about your childhood is the chance to talk about feelings. As children are very emotional beings and are still learning about their emotions, don’t be afraid to share events you experienced in which you felt happy, sad, proud, angry, or any other feelings you had at the time. As long as the story is age-appropriate, children will be able to connect with you and understand how you felt. By the end of the story, they will also have learned a little bit more about their mom and dad!

Have a great weekend!