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Posted by Maya Chivi
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We all scream for ice cream! A little weekend tip!

The first day of summer is fast approaching on June 21st (coinciding with Father’s Day- hint, hint!) and the temperature is already rising above 30C! Thanks to the ice cream freezer being patented on May 30th 1848, we all get to enjoy that tasty, cool, and fun desert whenever we like.

With parlors around every other corner and freezers in every grocery store, there’s no doubt your adorable little ones are going to start asking you for some ice cream! The thing to keep in mind is to keep track of their daily sugar intake as ready-made ice cream may have lots of sugar in it, depending on the flavor and brand. When some frozen treats say “sugar-free” on their packaging, this means other ingredients or additives have been substituted, usually causing the body more harm than consuming real sugar. Try to avoid ingredients such as dextrose, maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, etc. and read up on their side-effects.


One fun option would be to make up your own frozen treats. You can cook up and freeze some yummy, home-made applesauce together or try mixing yogurt, fresh raspberries, and peanut butter for some added protein benefits.

Another option would be to take your kids try frozen yogurt as it’s just as yummy and cooling, but often with less sugar. Limiting the amount of flavors and extra toppings would not only teach your kids to make choices from a large variety of snack options, but would also teach them to eat snack foods in smaller, healthier quantities.

Have a great Sunday!