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Posted by Maya Chivi
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Don’t forget to schedule in some free time this weekend!

Do you remember what weekends were like when you were a child? The days were a little slower, maybe your relatives were coming over for lunch and you had to help out in the kitchen, but then there was this big gap in the schedule… a little something called “free time”.

For professionals working with children, we particularly like this time of day because it’s when children learn to use their imagination and think of ways to have fun on their own. Children today have less and less of this time as they are shuffled from school, to afterschool activities, back home to complete their homework, maybe have some time with the family, have dinner and get ready for bed–only to start the process all over again the next day. Weekends aren’t much different as children have to study, visit relatives, have scheduled extracurricular activities, want to go to their favourite play areas, have classmates’ birthdays to attend, spend time on the internet or playing video games, and much more.

This full calendar is what is referred as the “overscheduled” child, one whose days are fully booked and who has constant stimulation. These kids have no time to simply relax, get bored, and think of ways to have fun without someone or something telling them what to do. It results in children feeling more anxious, stressed, and tired. It gives the kids less quality time spent bonding with their siblings and parents, simply reading a book, or doing another relaxing activity.

So for this weekend, in between all the activities planned for your kids, try to schedule in some free time!

Have a great weekend,