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Posted by Maya Chivi
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On the importance of play: A little weekend tip!

Free play is such a fun and important part of childhood! Since the first merry-go-round was seen at a fair in Philippapolis, Turkey, on May 17, 1620, we’re going to talk about the importance of play in your child’s life. With more than 700 neural connections formed every second in a child’s first few years of life, every activity they engage in stimulates and has an impact on these connections.

Through play, children develop a wide range of skills, including: fine and gross motor, socialization, problem solving, personal awareness, creativity and imagination, language, and cognitive and emotional well-being.

Play allows children to master what they engage in. This sets the stage for intrinsic motivation towards accomplishing tasks purely for the purpose of personal achievement. It also allows children to socialize, to resolve conflict with others, and teaches them assertiveness skills at a young age.

How to help your child get the best out of play? Allow them time for free play, away from structured toys or games, such as electronics, as these lead to more time spent with minimal engagement in the activity or being passively entertained. It’s also important to sometimes give your child the opportunity to choose between playing with others or individually, thus teaching them to listen to their needs and preferences.

Have a great weekend!