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Posted by Maya Chivi
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Holding hands: A little parenting tip for the weekend!

It’s Friday and whatever fun adventures are coming your family’s way this weekend, keep this little tip in mind!

When walking with your children, try to hold them by their hands, not from their arms. Walking with your kids should be a walk with them, wherever it may be. Children should feel your hand’s touch and you should be able to feel them signal anything they need, like wanting to slow down or stop.

If you’re not too sure of the difference it makes, think of the last time someone walked you by your arm, gave you no say as to where you were going and maybe held on too hard as they guided you. Now imagine how much more heightened that feeling is for your child. If your child is walking with another adult like a relative or a nanny, make sure they also hold him/her by his/her hand.


Have a great weekend!