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What Nobody Knows – The Story

What Nobody Knows is a story about how, in reality, Anybody and Everybody are Somebody – even if they feel like a Nobody.

Written by Maya Chivi, the story follows four characters – Somebody, Anybody, Nobody, and Everybody and how their outlooks shift as they go from expecting Somebody to rescue them to feeling empowered in their thoughts and actions when they realize that they have control over their lives, thoughts, and feelings.  Maya was inspired to write the story while on her journey of recovery from years of burnouts to learning about self-care. 

 What Nobody Knows – Corporate Workshop (90 mins)

Through the use of the story, What Nobody Knows, this hands-on session helps employees reflect on concepts of how personal wellbeing, mindfulness, and self-care impact their team’s collaboration and productivity. Teams will delve into conversations around mental health and tap into strategies that empower them in their work, benefitting both individuals and the companies their work for.

Professional Development Workshop Includes

  • A copy of What Nobody Knows for each participant
  • MISELPH-Care system on how to enhance self-care
  • De-mystifying and de-stigmatizing mental health conversations at work
  • Identify and leverage productive workflow and styles for team success

Key themes

Leadership + Change

Team Synergy + Energy Management

Workaholism + Burnout Culture

Mental Health + Wellbeing


For more information, contact Maya Chivi at maya@mayachivi.com, at (647) 892-6292, or complete the booking form.