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Hi! I’m Maya – Author, Speaker, Child Development Specialist, 

& Advocate for Mental Health and Gender Equality



At sixteen, amid one of the darkest moments of my life after a few years of struggling with eating disorders and depression, I came to a realization that changed everything – just because we’re alive, it doesn’t mean we’re truly living. In that instant, I made the conscious decision to experience a full, meaningful life.

I choose change over complacency, adventure over consumerism, & advocacy over silence.

With this outlook in mind, I left a stable life in Montreal in 2011and moved to Lebanon where I started a business and pioneered healthier child development ideologies through parenting seminars and children’s workshops and advocated for children’s rights in the Middle East through media campaigns. I spoke at TEDxMontrealWomen on the rights of girls and boys to equal opportunities and the media’s impact on their lives, gave a keynote speech to the Council of Europe’s Gender Equality Commission on the rights of children of all genders to fair and equal opportunities, and more.

Those experiences taught me that regardless of how much we may fear walking towards the unknown, doing meaningful work and sharing our gifts with others will leave us happier than never taking that first step. Today, I inspire people to welcome change and bring fulfillment into their lives through my workshops and seminars.

I look forward to connecting!

Maya Chivi, MA

For a comprehensive list of my work experience and projects, please click here.


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